Friday, September 4, 2009

My Treasure Necklace and a Special Locket

Every beader needs a treasure necklace. I have made lots of treasure necklaces to sell, but a few months ago I decided it was time to make one for myself. I got out a pretty tin and started collecting favorite beads from my collection. When I made something with beads or crystals that I especially loved, I put one of the beads aside. One day, I went through all my bead boxes. The secret to picking beads for a treasure necklace lies in a simple question: When you come across that bead or charm, does it make your heart go pitter pat? If so, nestle it amongst the other ovals and roses and rounds and bicones, the milk glass, the magic sparkle, the rouge red and the dreamy purple. Eventually, I had enough beads and I just waited until I felt ready to begin.

I decided to use one of my favorite types of vintage style chain. Just before I started to work, I realized that I wanted something very special as the pendant for my treasure necklace. I looked over my pendants, but couldn't seem to find "the one". A few weeks later, not even looking, I discovered a beautiful Victorian locket (used for postage stamps). It stopped me in my tracks! I knew my Treasure Necklace was complete.

For all you locket lovers and vintage afficianados out there, the locket came from a very special Etsy shop: The Eclectic Diva.

It's so much fun to browse through Diva's shop, but bring tea or coffee because there's LOTS to look through.

I love this locket so much I decided to keep it on a matching chain, so I can where it with my treasure necklace or solamente.

I used almost all of the beads from my tin, and I saved a few beads from the next version.


The Eclectic Diva said...

Thank you so much for taking a special locket and making it a special treasure. I am glad it found such a good home.

Belinda Lee said...

This is a gorgeous piece! Well done