Monday, February 22, 2010

Overdressed or Personal Style?

Dear Friends of BeadRee,
It's been quite some time since my last post. The holidays have come and gone. Several snowstorms have made billowing postcard views through the evergreens and some wonderful friends and family have come to visit, hot beverages all around. Through it all, this damsel stayed on my desktop, waiting to stroll her way into the blog. 
I enjoyed embellishing this image. The moment I saw her, I loved her elegant, graceful demeanor, her ribboned hat and dainty shoes. I am thinking that if I were going to carry firewood, I would love to do so in such rosy attire. 
Okay, so I added the lariat, but she wears it well. I have, on many occasions, been been told I was overdressed. My walking partner looked askance at my shawl. People sometimes say to me: "You look awfully dressed up. Where are you going?" Where am I going? I am going into the beautiful precious day, hour, moment of my life, and I have these tiny violet earrings, touched here and there by seed pearls. They were my grandmother's. They look pretty with a cream blouse and a dark skirt. As I get older, I just wear what I enjoy, and I don't wait for "events". Years ago, I gave up wearing blue jeans. It was so liberating. For a while, mostly out of convenience and back pain, I gave up carrying a purse. Purse. Even the word has a sour shape to it. Then, I lost my wallet because it fell out of my coat pocket. I decided if I went back to carrying a purse, I would opt for those wonderful vintage purses that have cloth straps and snap shut in a somewhat bodacious way. My favorite overdressed moment came with equal amounts of drama and regret. That was the day I decided to emulate CocoChanel and wear six strands of pearls. I was on my way out and developed a sudden furiously high fever. I began shaking uncontrollably and found myself in an emergency room bin. The nurse came in carrying a pea soup green gown for me to put on. She took one look at the pearls, dropped the gown on the edge of the cot and walked away. Ah well, I bet I had the best dressed fever in the ward.
Now that this pretty damsel has introduced the pearl lariat to you, I hope you will peek in my shop to see the secret message that it carries.
I am working on a new treasure necklace and will post  it when it is done. I am also really looking forward to my March projects. I have been enjoying following the seasons, choosing some projects based on the time of the year and certain holidays, and I found some wonderful vintage items to work with for a "March Wind" theme. As those are finished, I will post them too.

Wishing you all the best,


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