Sunday, October 24, 2010

Story Necklace

I love how the elements in this photo create all kinds of possibilities for stories. A dog and a happy pet lover are out for a stroll, but looking again, is this a quest? Is the bird in the photo swooping in to bring a special message or guiding the master and the dog to a happy ending?

Beads can also tell a story. It's an old tradition, and a part of bead culture that fascinates and delights me. Over the years I have created different kinds of story necklaces that can be used for story telling.
 The necklaces are composed of background "narration" beads and special "plot" beads.The storyteller can look over the necklace and create and tell a story, bead by bead.

I love sitting with a group of children and showing them the special beads such as a magic bird, a golden boat or a farmer and his wife and letting them make up a story. Sometime the blue beads are the ocean, sometimes the sky.

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