Monday, December 19, 2011

One Design Concept, Three Ways

When I was first learning how to make jewelry, I remember someone telling me whenever you are designing earrings, don't be afraid to look at them upside down because they might be even better that way. Lately, I've been looking at some of my popular pieces in my inventory, just to see if there is anything I could improve about the design. I had it in my head to redo my "Ladybug Amidst the Leaves Bracelet". It's a three strand bracelet, made with lots of seed beads and glass leaves, with one tiny ladybug, hidden amidst the leaves.
I decided to redo the bracelet using flat leaves, but keep the three strands. I liked the new version, but it seemed like a lot of flat leaves, so I did a second bracelet that combined flat leaves and leaves with center holes across. Finally, I couldn't resist making a charm bracelet. I didn't do a necklace.....yet!

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